First Date Conversation Topics

Let’s discuss first date conversation topics! First dates can usually be quite awkward. Oftentimes, feelings of inhibition prevail as each person tries to think of an appropriate conversation topic. This can lead to sustained moments of uncomfortable silence. To avoid the long lulls in conversation, try discussing these safe first date conversation topics: Read More »

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First Date Advice For Women

First date advice for women that will help you? Yes! Start here. Generally speaking, going on your first date will cost you some emotional trepidation regardless of the date scene or the person that you will be going to be on your first date. All people are trained in behavioral mechanisms. Read More »

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What To Do On A First Date

Here’s what to do on a first date. A first date can be awkward and boring or it can be the first step toward love and fulfillment. It depends on the people involved and their preparation and goals. On one of my first dates I remember throughout the date the guy kept asking, “How am I doing?” This is something you absolutely should not do. First, because it is annoying and second, because nothing shows insecurity and neediness more than asking for reassurance from someone you do not know well. Read More »

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