100 Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here’s a list of articles that will help you figure out just what to get your special someone and a few gift ideas to get you started off!

  1. A custom CD of favorite tunes
  2. A magazine subscription
  3. A bottle of favorite wine or liquor
  4. A donation in their honor to a favorite charity
  5. Movie candy (whoppers, lemon drops, chocolate covered raisins) and movie passes
  6. Tickets to see a favorite band or comedian
  7. A calendar featuring their favorite movie star or sports figure
  8. A gift basket filled with gourmet foods or coffee
  9. Ten 100 Grand candy bars (with a note saying they are worth a million!)
  10. An edible fruit bouquet
  11. A gift basket filled with sweet treats
  12. A monogrammed cardholder
  13. Movie posters
  14. Accessories for smart phone or portable touch screens
  15. DVDs of classic movies or TV shows
  16. DVD collection of favorite TV series
  17. Gourmet chocolate candy
  18. Annual passes to a favorite amusement park or museum
  19. Artwork

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