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101 Gift Ideas For A Boyfriend

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Selecting gift ideas for a boyfriend isn’t hard so long as you know a bit about what he really likes that makes him an individual. When you’re thinking of gift ideas you should keep in mind that your boyfriend is both predictable in some ways yet stands to be surprising in others.

That’s where the balancing act of gift ideas comes into play. As you’re deciding what you want to get your boyfriend and how you want him to feel in response to your gift, it’s key that keep your expectations realistic and know that if he doesn’t like basketball don’t be surprised if he doesn’t hop down on one knee and propose after you give him tickets to a basketball game.

Gift ideas for a boyfriend:

  1. A twelve-pack of his favorite beer
  2. A gift basket filled with party snacks and drinks
  3. A gift card to his favorite sports/outdoors store
  4. Items for his outdoor grill or BBQ
  5. A valet box
  6. Tickets to this favorite sporting event
  7. A portable BBQ grill for tailgate parties
  8. An engraved money clip
  9. A utility knife
  10. Autographed memorabilia by his favorite athlete
  11. Manly-scented candles
  12. Tickets for touring his favorite sports venue
  13. Supplies or equipment for his favorite sport or hobby
  14. His favorite premium cigars
  15. Your own gift certificates promising a home cooked meal, control of the remote, etc.
  16. Add to his ___ collection (Star Wars, Star Trek, coin, etc.)
  17. Don’t yell at him for a week
  18. Write him a note saying it’s okay that he doesn’t like your mom much
  19. Allow him to go to a party you wish he wouldn’t
  20. Get his car detailed professionally
  21. Attend a sports event with him and wear a real smile
Gift ideas for a boyfriend aren’t difficult so long as you’re paying attention to all the details at play. For more ideas, have a look at the related articles below or the page of ideas above. Enjoy!


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