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3 Reasons Not To Buy Her Lingerie

64 Comments 12 January 2009

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  1. You don’t understand what you’re dealing with. You wear jeans yourself but you know better than to try buying her a pair. Why ever would you try to pick out something based on a general approximation of size? You shouldn’t.
  2. Your concept of “great idea” lingerie is not hers. Yes, corsets are lovely to look at and do amazing things to proportion…try before you buy, Mr!
  3. You lose the element of surprise. If you’ve already been to the store, seen it in a magazine, or purchased it online, you have an idea of what it looks like.

The Solution?


Buy her a giftcard to a lingerie store she really likes. If you don’t know where she likes to shop but have access to her lingerie, the place that makes the lingerie she wears when she’s dressing is a place she’ll be glad to visit again. If you’d never consider shopping with a woman, reconsider for a lingerie shopping trip. Make sure you’ve already bought that giftcard. Even though it has your money on it, using a gift card feels like its free.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you want to get her some lingerie, give her a gift card a week or two early. She’ll love you for it and I dare say you’ll enjoy what your gift inspires.

Best to you!


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  1. Zhaofeng says:

    Tristynthose are some good points: there is a lot of prievlige for straight people as they are in the majority, and we live in a society that embraces the ideals of the majority. however, i’ll have to respectfully disagree. why does there need to be pride without shame? what does pride truly accomplish? to draw example from another minority, there is a video out there with morgan freeman talking about black history month that really resonated with me. and i agree with him. a month dedicated to certain minority does not alleviate the prejudice experienced by that minority. rather it further divides the community as a whole when it dedicates certain months to certain minorities. in my experience, having personal pride brings a person farther away, not closer to, others. it should be natural to love onesself, if one does not believe society’s story that people should feel shame because of who they are. the only reason pride is there is to fight that shame, and by doing so, almost defend its america, the bottom line is that equality should be for all. gay people are part of this all and therefore deserve rights. it’s that my humble opinion, i believe that as personal pride divides a person from others, pride of a group divides that group from this all. the more people that believe that everyone is a part of the whole, the closer we will be to securing equality for all.dignity is inherent, not something that has to be proved by parades. it’s what is left when all the shame is taken away. but that’s just my opinion. i look forward to hearing yours!

  2. Roberto says:

    Scf6ttI remember when I first did it. I didn’t relaly learn it from anyone, it was actually just something I figured out entirely on my own. I was just entering seventh grade, when I was around 12 years old. And that was a very awkward time, because I used to get hard for no reason out of the blue, and it was so humiliating, I would of course sit at my desk in school and keep it under and wish it would go away. (Seriously, if you see a 12-13 year old boy anywhere, just give him $20, because he’s very unhappy). And somewhere along the line, I started to explore when I was home in the privacy of my bedroom, I would touch and it felt strangely good. But it wasn’t until a few months later that eventually, I did it long enough, and suddenly white stuff shot out and I was like whoa! what is that stuff!?!? Had no idea what this was called, I had never even heard the word masturbation at that point in my life, but whatever it was, it kinda became ritual. And of course, I would see pictures of muscular bodybuilders and men and it seemed much more natural. And the rest is history! XD

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