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5 Ways I’ve Ruined Dates

8 Comments 27 September 2008

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I’ve had some truly disastrous dates. I’m starting with the five most memorable and, with my luck, I’ll have many more stories by the time we get through the following. I’ve learned a lot from each experience but I continue to find that there is no better way to throw plans to the wind than to spend time with somebody entirely new.

  1. Recycled a location for a date.
  2. Nearly killed me and my date in a violent car accident.
  3. Took a village girl to a castle dinner.
  4. Got angry at a Jewish girl for buying bacon (I’m not Jewish).
  5. Debated a date’s dying grandfather on the merits of his long-cherished baseball team.

My pain, your gain!



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  1. surprisingly helpful stuff, on the whole I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, thank you

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