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7 Ways to Write a Letter to Your Boyfriend

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Here’s ¬†how you can write a letter to your boyfriend. As girls we love to get letters from our boyfriends. Have you ever thought that they might like one too? It does not have to be hard. It can be fun and something he will cherish. There are several different types of letters you can write to your boyfriend.

  1. Write a letter about the first time you met. Was it love at first sight? Let him know why you were attracted to him. Did he do something that made him stand out of the crowd?
  2. Do you go to school together? Write a letter and slip it into his locker. It will be a nice surprise the next time he opens his locker and sees your letter there.
  3. Write a letter for your anniversary. Maybe he has done something for you during the time you have been together. Tell him how special he is to you. Give him a rose to go with the letter. Flowers are not just for girls. Guys like them too.
  4. Remember to write a letter to your boyfriend on Valentine’s day. Use romantic words and put candy hearts in the envelope. Use stickers to decorate the letter and you can even put a little bit of your perfume on it.
  5. Write a letter once a week. In the envelope you can add cut out hearts that you can color red and pink. Write “I Love You’ on the hearts. Put it in the regular mail (snail mail) and he will have something to look forward to.
  6. Another creative way to write a letter is to make a puzzle of it. Glue a letter you wrote for him on the back of a puzzle. It can be store bought or made by you. Let the glue dry. Cut the pieces apart and put them in an envelope.
  7. Don’t worry about fancy paper or envelopes. Just make sure that when you write a letter to your boyfriend that your heart is in the right place and the rest will come, just as it has in your relationship so far.
Your boyfriend will love these letters, especially since you wrote them. He might even get the hint that you like letters too.


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