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Advice on first dates

8 Comments 12 March 2011

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Advice on first date

Advice on first date behaviors and how to know just what to say, what to do, where to go, and if the date went well can be condensed into to simple words of wisdom.

Be yourself.

Oh, that’s not good enough for you? I could go on and on with advice on first date conversations and clothes and activities but if you can’t be yourself you’re wasting everybody’s time!

To clarify, here are five points of advice I can give for you as you embark on a first date with your special someone:

1. Pick three things you’d like to share about yourself

This is difficult at first but once you’ve got a handle on the idea of distilling yourself into an introduction of sorts you’ll find other things much easier, too. Writing cover letters for resumes, for example. Anyhow, you should probably pick something about your past that doesn’t involve a relationship, something you think defines you a lot right now, and something you’re looking forward to or dream about frequently.

2.  Practice some conversation starters ahead of time

Sound stupid? It isn’t. In fact, you might not end up needing them but if you’re the type to get really nervous about silence, having some topics ready to go can be helpful. If you know some things your date likes, you can do a bit of research on those topics and come up with some things you’d like to get their take on!

3. Go easy on the caffeine and alcohol

Anything that could throw you off will be exacerbated by the excitement and stress of a first date. My best advice would be to go light on the coffee and drinks and spend your time sipping something fun and digging into good food and conversation. In terms of advice on first date drinks, it can be fun to make crazy custom drinks if your bartender is up for it. Skipping the booze entirely? You can still be creative with mixers.

4. Order food you really love

Not only will this give you something to love about your date no matter what. (There’s ¬†a reason I order that expensive chocolate dessert at the end of bad dates.) Ordering food you love will also give you something to talk about with your date that isn’t boring. Food is never boring!

5. Wear something you’re really comfortable in

Don’t wear the pants that don’t quite fit. Skip the shirt that you’ll nearly fall out of but feels sexy. It’s not worth it! Throw on something clean and presentable but my advice on first date clothing is always to wear something you can be spontaneous in! An easy rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t wear it to a late lunch with a good friend, it might be too over the top for a first date.

Anything to add? The comments are for you!

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