First Dates

First Date Conversation Topics

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Let’s discuss first date conversation topics! First dates can usually be quite awkward. Oftentimes, feelings of inhibition prevail as each person tries to think of an appropriate conversation topic. This can lead to sustained moments of uncomfortable silence. To avoid the long lulls in conversation, try discussing these safe first date conversation topics:

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Get Over It

How to get over an ex

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Wondering how to get over an ex? Moving on is never easy but with some careful thought and drive to move forward, you’ll make it through and perhaps get over your ex in the process.

One of the first things to do when you’re in the process of getting over an ex is to give all the friends you abandoned to hang out with the new squeeze a call. Schedule a real party, as it were. Not a pity party but a reunion for good friends torn apart by a silly relationship. 

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Date Ideas For 25 Fun Dates

Date Ideas

Date Ideas For 25 Fun Dates

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date ideas photoNeed date ideas? Don’t waste your time on dinner and a movie when there are tons of fun date ideas you might not have thought of but will make a huge difference in how your date goes.

Before we hop in though it’s worth noting that ideas for a date are only ideas if you don’t have the right attitude and person to enjoy your date with. To that end, here’s a quick packing list of things you should always bring on a date before you even start worrying about fun date ideas:

  • Realistic expectations
  • A sense of humor
  • The knowledge that you’re not all that
  • A grin
  • Emergency money and a fully-charged cellphone (keep it off)
  • A small notepad and a pen
  • Your ID

Sure, there are other things you should bring and if you’d like to add your list in a comment, that’d be faboo. But what about the date ideas? Here are some you’ll hopefully find inspiring whether it’s your first date or 100th date (woo!).

  1. Listen to music – Seriously, meet up with some playlists and get to it.
  2. Hit up Wholefoods – Classier than fast food but quick enough that you can bounce if you need to. Delicious options, too!
  3. Find the best view in your town – Nearly pointless hunts are great for dates and will give you time to chat.
  4. Attend a really bad concert – It’s more fun when you both know its bad. Laugh it up!
  5. Watch an awful movie – There’s a trend here. You’ll find it easier to laugh off your own awkwardness when your surroundings are obviously worse.
  6. Go grocery shopping – Don’t make dinner afterwards unless you want to. Just go shopping.
  7. Wash laundry together – A girl who will hang out with you at the laundr-o-mat is awesome.
  8. Go for a photo walk – Formal or impromptu, great date idea if you’re into photography!
  9. Stage a picnic – Easy, cheap, and lots of escape routes.
  10. Hit a local tourist attraction – Preferably one neither of you have explored.
  11. Visit a local museum – This will tell you a lot about your date really quickly.
  12. Get on a boat – Seriously, water can be a lot of fun and depending on the craft, you might have a lot of fun.
  13. Visit a used book store – If you’ve still got one local, used book stores are a fun date idea for anybody who can read!
  14. Go to a flea market – Buy your date some bit of gaudy random junk and pretend to be offended when they don’t like it.
  15. Play chess in the park – If you can get a spot, boardgames, especially on stone tables, are fun.
  16. Prank call somebody – Fun? Absolutely. If your date has a sense of humor, this can be a great idea.
  17. Host your own bar crawl – Who says two people can’t do a bar crawl? Bring others along as you find them.
  18. Try to catch a pigeon – Okay, this might be deranged, but pigeons are really fast and it’ll take a lot of teamwork. They can also fly.
  19. Go swimming in a fountain – I’m not saying to get yourself arrested. The point is to not get caught! Also, don’t drink the water.
  20. Get lost – This might take some effort but the point is to wander around and enjoy each other’s company.
  21. Buy some blank postcards – Then sit in a quiet place together and draw crazy things on them before sending to friends.
  22. Ride public transit – Bring some headphones and just be together.
  23. Read a play together – Trust me, she’ll want to be Hamlet.
  24. Go for a bike ride – No matter where you live, discovering your world by bicycle will be a lot of fun.
  25. Show him/her your five favorite places to hang out – Only do this if you already like them quite a lot though.

So that’s 25 arguably fun date ideas that you can try with your new squeeze. If you’ve had a fun date recently and want to add an idea of your own, share in a comment!

Have fun. Be honest. And keep your pants on. At least for the first few hours. =)

Date ideas image by Martin Neuhof

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