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What To Wear To A Club For Women

1 Comment 21 August 2011

Women, wondering what to wear to a club? Ever have the thinking you have nothing to where to go out on a club date? Most women have these thoughts or become over whelmed with picking the “right” outfit. Picking out the right outfit for any women to wear to a club needn’t bee a big deal. Just wear what highlights your best features!

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The Sex Checklist

For Women, Questions, Sex

The Sex Checklist

62 Comments 24 January 2010

by Emma Frisoni

It's Sexy Time?

The rain hitting the windows softly glowed as he lit each candle and placed it in its sconce. The mustardy gold walls gave off an amber hue in the candlelight and his brown eyes were deep with desire. I sipped prosecco as I leaned against the pillows, seductively arranged in only my bra, garter and thigh highs; waiting as he turned on his iPod to a soft ambient playlist…

Although the setting was near perfect, I was still nervous. It wasn’t like it was my first time, but it was with him and I didn’t want to mess it up. I had known him for a few months and the chemistry was there, the sexual tension was strong and now that it was finally time, I was afraid?? While trying to look effortlessly sexy, I went through my mental checklist:

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