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Date A Model With These Tips

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If you’ve always wanted to know how to date a model there are many things that you need to know about these unique people and how their profession directly affects their interpersonal relationships with people.

It is important to understand that your personality must be a direct reflection of theirs if you want even a small chance of going past reading about how to date a model and actually getting to know models.

Fashion models are complex people, though you would never know it from how they have become modern stereotypes in our current culture. Whether you are looking to start a relationship with one of these high-profile professionals or you simply have a model friend and have no idea how to be social with her, fear not. Your worries are finally over.

Here are 5 tips on how to date a model:

1. Make her feel important

Models like to feel important. That’s right. They feel that what they do for a living is an extremely vital, important part of modern society. After all, posing for all those pictures every day is hard work. Photographers make these models feel special all day long, hoping to get the best shots possible from them. It is no different when they hang up their hair-extensions and head home for the day. Even in their private lives, models want to feel that same level of professional respect from everyone. Friends, family and even potential relationships must all fall under this same level of respect or the model in question could grow bored and move on to the next person.

2. Be complimentary

Remember to start every conversation with a compliment. Models are in the business of being beautiful. They receive compliments each day on the job. Many expect the same outside of the workplace. Always start off the conversation by telling them how much you admire their work. It could also be wise to include a statement about what they are wearing or their hair if it has recently been styled differently. Until you get in good with your model, make sure to center you conversation around her and keep her feeling like she’s a princess.

3. Be social

You need to be a social person when you are hanging out with any models. They are considered to be celebrities and probably have a vast number of fans. If you are able to blend in with their entourage and socialize with the many people looking to have a moment with the model, you will probably get a long with her just fine. Remember to keep your socializing to small talk, though. The model in question wants to be the center of attention, so it is best that you learn to be social without trying to steal the spotlight from her. If more people are paying attention to you, less people are noticing her. That is not a good start at all.

4. Take the blame

Be prepared to take the heat if something goes wrong. If the model in question has a blunder when out on the town, you should be willing to step up and take blame. It does not matter if it is your fault. The bottom line here is simple. If you place blame for the model’s folly on yourself, she might take notice of your sacrifice and keep you close as a member of her entourage.

5. Stay upbeat

Finally, you should always remember to stay positive and smile. Models need to stay in a positive frame of mind in order to work. When they are out on the town, they want to keep that good mood going. Being a downer will get you nowhere when dealing with a famous model or any other celebrity for that matter. Always remember to smile and try to remain bubbly and you will keep your model friend for the long haul.


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