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Note: Here are some NYC date ideas and tips from a contributor. It’s always interesting to see how others view dating and share their advice, even if we don’t necessarily agree with it. Take a read and have a great date!

The environment in which a person lives will much likely affect the dating life and choosing the style and techniques of approaching a woman. Big cities are less competitive. The chances of finding the right woman in big cities are much higher than in small cities.

The game is played much well in big cities because women are everywhere and there is less competition. But even the techniques used in big cities will vary from city to city.

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Techniques used in Los Angeles are radically different than the techniques used in New York City. Latter is relatively better than the former because there are more women walking or simply in public. But even when one has so many choices in the arena, he should still have the game to play or else even the unattractive women will reject him. Here are a few tips for NYC date ideas to play their game right.

1. Go to bars and even if you are alone, act like you have a buddy somewhere near, otherwise women would think that you are a loner. It is relatively easier to talk to a woman in a bar than in the middle of the street, because when that woman stepped into that bar she already knew that there is a chance that someone will approach her.

I. Now, when approaching, do not throw the usual random lines at her like “hey babe, lookin’ hot tonight” or “what’s up, mama.” Pick up lines are the worst. Approach a woman with a modest, but relaxed smile and say something. You can ask her what she is drinking, or if she knows what the best drink is. This will naturally create a conversation. When talking to the woman try to keep up with the conversation and be funny.

II. Do not buy her a drink! This will naturally undermine her first impression of you and you will look like a loser attempted to get in her pants with a $10 drink.

III. When at a bar, always approach women who are in groups. It is always better to do that. Pay equal attention to all of them since it can kill the whole process.

2. Go to Starbucks or any café in the town. There are always women buying coffee.

I. Approach her and ask something, for instance, “Is that shirt from Macys?” or “What kind of a perfume are you wearing?” Then continue with the conversation by saying how much you like the perfume that she is wearing, and even if she is not then ask her what kind does she normally wear.

All in all, the key is to simply be social, open minded, and friendly.


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