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Date Ideas For 25 Fun Dates

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date ideas photoNeed date ideas? Don’t waste your time on dinner and a movie when there are tons of fun date ideas you might not have thought of but will make a huge difference in how your date goes.

Before we hop in though it’s worth noting that ideas for a date are only ideas if you don’t have the right attitude and person to enjoy your date with. To that end, here’s a quick packing list of things you should always bring on a date before you even start worrying about fun date ideas:

  • Realistic expectations
  • A sense of humor
  • The knowledge that you’re not all that
  • A grin
  • Emergency money and a fully-charged cellphone (keep it off)
  • A small notepad and a pen
  • Your ID

Sure, there are other things you should bring and if you’d like to add your list in a comment, that’d be faboo. But what about the date ideas? Here are some you’ll hopefully find inspiring whether it’s your first date or 100th date (woo!).

  1. Listen to music – Seriously, meet up with some playlists and get to it.
  2. Hit up Wholefoods – Classier than fast food but quick enough that you can bounce if you need to. Delicious options, too!
  3. Find the best view in your town – Nearly pointless hunts are great for dates and will give you time to chat.
  4. Attend a really bad concert – It’s more fun when you both know its bad. Laugh it up!
  5. Watch an awful movie – There’s a trend here. You’ll find it easier to laugh off your own awkwardness when your surroundings are obviously worse.
  6. Go grocery shopping – Don’t make dinner afterwards unless you want to. Just go shopping.
  7. Wash laundry together – A girl who will hang out with you at the laundr-o-mat is awesome.
  8. Go for a photo walk – Formal or impromptu, great date idea if you’re into photography!
  9. Stage a picnic – Easy, cheap, and lots of escape routes.
  10. Hit a local tourist attraction – Preferably one neither of you have explored.
  11. Visit a local museum – This will tell you a lot about your date really quickly.
  12. Get on a boat – Seriously, water can be a lot of fun and depending on the craft, you might have a lot of fun.
  13. Visit a used book store – If you’ve still got one local, used book stores are a fun date idea for anybody who can read!
  14. Go to a flea market – Buy your date some bit of gaudy random junk and pretend to be offended when they don’t like it.
  15. Play chess in the park – If you can get a spot, boardgames, especially on stone tables, are fun.
  16. Prank call somebody – Fun? Absolutely. If your date has a sense of humor, this can be a great idea.
  17. Host your own bar crawl – Who says two people can’t do a bar crawl? Bring others along as you find them.
  18. Try to catch a pigeon – Okay, this might be deranged, but pigeons are really fast and it’ll take a lot of teamwork. They can also fly.
  19. Go swimming in a fountain – I’m not saying to get yourself arrested. The point is to not get caught! Also, don’t drink the water.
  20. Get lost – This might take some effort but the point is to wander around and enjoy each other’s company.
  21. Buy some blank postcards – Then sit in a quiet place together and draw crazy things on them before sending to friends.
  22. Ride public transit – Bring some headphones and just be together.
  23. Read a play together – Trust me, she’ll want to be Hamlet.
  24. Go for a bike ride – No matter where you live, discovering your world by bicycle will be a lot of fun.
  25. Show him/her your five favorite places to hang out – Only do this if you already like them quite a lot though.

So that’s 25 arguably fun date ideas that you can try with your new squeeze. If you’ve had a fun date recently and want to add an idea of your own, share in a comment!

Have fun. Be honest. And keep your pants on. At least for the first few hours. =)

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