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Dating Advice For Men From Women

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Here’s some dating advice for men from women who want you to do better! If you are a man that has been having trouble finding a special woman that you would like to end up in a relationship with, then there are things you could be doing wrong. It does not matter if you are going on one date with them or several dates with them you should follow this advice on how you can attract the woman of your dreams and show her how serious you are about dating the right person.

5 Pieces of Dating Advice For Men From Women

  1. Believe it or not there are some men who are not romantic at all and you may or may not be. Even if you are romantic, it is important to not just be romantic on the first date especially if you want to see more of that person. If you are showing off your romantic side, then most women expect you to carry that through if you have several more dates with them. – Jessica, 28, Chicago.
  2. Women like cologne but wearing too much of it can make their eyes water so be sure you are only putting on a little dab and not the whole bottle. It would be especially bad if you are trying to attract a woman that is allergic to your scent but most women are polite enough to say it on the first date. Alyssa, 19, Boston.
  3. You should never have a woman pay the bill because it shows that you are more of the gentleman type when you show initiative to pay for it. If women offer to pay for it, politely say that you are treating that night and then you could discuss the arrangements on who should pay after you have had several dates with that person. Shane, 37, Baton Rouge.
  4. If you are getting up to go to the bathroom a lot, the woman you are out with may think that you are avoiding her. If you have a problem, then tell her up front so she will not spend the rest of the date worrying about what she did wrong. Sheila, 31, Chicago.
  5. If you are taking her out to a restaurant make sure you do not sit there and stuff your face because most women find that really disgusting especially if you are chewing with your mouth open. Make sure you are having a nice conversation to get to know some more about them. Michelle, 24, San Francisco.

With this dating advice for men from women, you should have success in finding the woman of your dreams and making it past the first date because a lot of men find that extremely difficult to keep continuing. Most men cannot figure out what they are doing wrong so they continue doing the same things that are driving the woman of their dreams away.


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