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You can find some great first date ideas here.

The success of a first date conversation depends entirely on how comfortable you’re feeling at the time. Two football enthusiasts on a first date together might find it unbelievably awkward to discuss football even though they both love the topic. Why? Because first date conversations are often tough. Here are some ideas and tips to help you walk into your next date with a plan.

1. Research your activity ahead of time

Even if you’re not planning anything fancy and have a good idea of your date itinerary, it’s a good idea to get as big a start on things as you can. Knowing what you’d like to eat at a restaurant before having to order in front of your date will save you precious moments of indecision. For example, if you already know you’d like the local-brewed IPA and a veggie burger, you’ll be able to order quickly and learn more about your date as they figure out what they want.

2. Have a few first date conversations ready to go

Is there something that happened during the week that you’d like your date’s thoughts on? Keep it lighthearted unless you actually enjoy political arguments early on in your relationships! If something funny happened to you at work recently, that could be a good thing to keep in your pocket to share. Be careful about chatting too much about your hobbies as it can be easy to get carried away with something only you are interested in.

3. Have some questions ready to ask

Not the pushy and obvious questions you’d see on a Myspace survey. Oh, no! Rather, figure out what you’d really like to know about a best friend and ask your top picks. You know all the things you jokingly say are dealbreakers in a relationship, like rooting for an opposing sports team? Those are the sorts of questions you should ask. You’ll quickly find out whether you want a second date!

Stay loose, keep calm, and have fun. You’ll have a great first date conversation and perhaps get that second date you were hoping for!


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