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Let’s discuss first date conversation topics! First dates can usually be quite awkward. Oftentimes, feelings of inhibition prevail as each person tries to think of an appropriate conversation topic. This can lead to sustained moments of uncomfortable silence. To avoid the long lulls in conversation, try discussing these safe first date conversation topics:

• Family – This common topic is a great way to break the ice and find out about each other’s backgrounds.

• Pets – One of the best ways to bond with a person is by talking about their precious pet. Even if they do not currently own a pet, perhaps discussing any past pets or hopes for getting future pets may also be plausible options.

• Careers – Discussing current employment and future goals is generally another safe topic. Avoid discussing any salary information, as this can leave the other person feeling perturbed.

• Current events – Keep the subject matter on certain things like pop culture or general interest subjects. It is probably best to avoid discussing any controversial or divisive topics such as politics.

• Travel – Many people are fascinated by the travels of others, and this is another great way to gauge a person’s interests.

• Hobbies – This can be a particularly useful topic of conversation if there are any possibilities of future dates. People can connect far more easily if they share interests in common pastimes.

• Favorite foods – Food is something that everyone enjoys, and most people are bound to have at least a few favorites. This could also be a great way to open up the conversation about a possible second date.

Discussing any of these safe first date conversation topics can make going out on a first date with someone a very pleasing experience. If the first date goes well, there is a very realistic chance that future dates can be arranged. A good first date can possibly set the foundation for a meaningful long-term relationship.


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