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First Date Ideas In Atlanta

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If you’re looking for first date ideas in Atlanta, you should really consider a few things before choosing a thing to do or place to go. We’ve pulled together a list of questions to ask while planning your first date to make sure you’ve set yourself up for a wonderful time.

For specific recommendations, have a look at this list of Atlanta date ideas.

  1. What’s the weather like? Make sure the location of your first date in Atlanta doesn’t end up being a bad idea because you didn’t take the day’s weather into consideration.
  2. What do you know about your date’s likes and dislikes? Depending on how it came to be that you’re going on this first date, you might have some information about what your date likes or hates. Keep that in mind as you’re making your decision.
  3. What do you really want to do? If you’re not sure you’ll like it, there’s a big chance that your first date in Atlanta won’t go well when you realize you had a bad idea and start getting grouchy. That never ends well!
  4. Are you doing something unique? It’s too easy to hit the local cinema and swing by Ruby Tuesday’s after for sliders and the salad bar. Your date knows that’s too easy. You know it’s too easy. Make sure to plan something little old people wouldn’t do, unless, of course, you’re dating a little old person.
  5. Have you really put thought into your first date? If so, your date will notice and even if things don’t go very well, you’ll probably end up having a great time overall and a second date will be assured.


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