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101 Gift Ideas For A Girlfriend

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Here are some great gift ideas for a girlfriend. When deciding what present to give your girlfriend, follow this two-rule, gift-giving guide. The first rule to consider is how long you have been dating. The second is to know the person you are dating. Giving a gift means you have thought about this person, are in tune with their preferences and desires; and you want them to know they are special.

In the early dating phase of your relationship, gifts, should be chosen carefully. They should not be too personal, or you run the risk of giving the wrong impression. Even if you feel this person is your long-lost soul mate, proceed cautiously so as not to frighten them away or risk looking desperate. Cars and houses are not great gift ideas for a girlfriend unless you’re already practically married anyway!

When applying the two-rule, gift-giving guide to first dates, you can see why we don’t recommend you give one. Even the often-recommended bouquet of flowers may not be an ideal gift for someone who has allergies.

Once you have gone out a few times, you will get to know a person’s likes and dislikes, hobbies, allergies and interests. Rule two includes paying attention to your significant other. This will guide your decision about what to give and what is appropriate.

Gift ideas for a girlfriend:

  1. A spring flower bouquet (no roses yet)
  2. Scented candles
  3. Potpourri or sachets
  4. A gift basket filled with soaps, lotions and other bath products
  5. Picture frames
  6. Stuffed animals
  7. A gift card or certificate to her favorite hobby shop
  8. Personalized memo pads/stationary with inspirational quotes
  9. Live plants or flowers
  10. Silk plants or flowers
  11. A snow globe from her favorite city or movie
  12. A music box
  13. Candle holders
  14. A fancy pocket mirror
  15. Your own certificates promising to wash her car, shovel snow, watch her dog, etc.
  16. Add to her ____ collection (angel, doll, coin, charm etc)
  17. Tickets to see her favorite music artist
  18. An IOU to attend her favorite tear-jerker movie with her
  19. Something you made for her
  20. Tickets to a local festival
  21. A nice card with your honest feelings written inside

This list is by no means complete. A gift becomes special and appropriate when you apply the two-rule, gift-giving guide to your individual circumstances. Then, you will only be limited by your imagination and personal debt ceiling as well as your view of what makes great gift ideas for your girlfriend!


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