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Here it is, the moment of truth. The man in your life has a special day coming up that requires some type of gift and you have no idea what to get him! Here are five easy tips to figure out how to get him the perfect present and forever secure your place as the queen of great gifts for guys.

1. Check his medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are usually where men keep their collections of after shave and cologne. Look through them to get a feel for which fragrance he prefers to wear. Bonus points if you thought to pick up the bottles and see which cologne was most often used to figure out his favorite.

2. Know his sports teams

Is he a 49ers fanatic? A push over for the Pistons? Part of the Red Sox Nation? If he has a favorite sports team, getting him a trinket or piece of clothing with their logo is sure to please. Tickets to events typically make great gifts for guys, particularly if it means a lot for you to tag along!

3. Hobbies and recreation

What does he spend most of his free time doing? Playing video games? Working out? Is he part of a sports team or league? You can’t go wrong with getting him a gift that has something to do with his favorite hobby.

4. Where does he shop?

Cash seems like such an impersonal gift for a guy or anyone for that matter. Luckily just about every store and restaurant on the planet has gift cards. Pay attention to the places he likes to shop or eat, or ask his friends or family if you’re running short on time and get him a gift card to one of his favorite haunts.

5. Listen when he talks

Let’s face it, guys are pretty transparent. Unlike girls, they don’t generally drop hints or get some kind of weird thrill out of making you guess what they want. Chances are, if there’s something he wants, he’ll mention it.


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