Ways To Get Your Crush’s Attention In School

There’s this significant one you see every day in school, who keeps occupying your mind, but still nothing particular happened. You’re not even sure if he or she has noticed you and even if he/she did, you have no clue about the impression you’ve left. Since waiting, guessing, assuming and expecting may be pretty exhausting, the best is probably to be proactive, set realistic strategy and go for the attention of your crush.


However, since you two spend most of the time in school, surrounded by other people or sitting in classes in silence, you will need some tricks to approach your crush adequately. Take advantage of some common situations.

Ask around about your crush

Before you approach your crush directly, get familiar with the terrain. Ask your friends if someone knows him or her better and if they would share some useful information or insights with you.

Try getting close with your crush’s friends and spend time at the same places with him or her. Once you’ve gathered enough data about your crush’s interests, hobbies, habits and personality traits, you know what to expect and you can construct a successful strategy easier.

Many small steps

Take advantage of many casual situations occurring during school time. There are many opportunities you can use to make slight and short-term contact, but still, leave a positive impression and draw some attention. Borrow a pen. Comment on your crush’s new haircut. Give a casual compliment.


Ask for instructions or information about some lesson. Point out, like accidentally, that you are interested in the same things your crush is and you’d like to discuss them or engage into the same actions.

Ask your crush for homework ideas

Finally, you can pull the most direct move. Ask your crush for homework ideas or even ask him or her to stop by and help you with homework. Suggest doing homework together. This will give you the opportunity to spend time with your crush out of the school and to slip easily onto personal and private terrain aside the school topics.

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