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How Do You Tell a Guy Who’s Asked You On a Date That You’ll Go – But Only As Friends?

44 Comments 28 November 2009

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by Emma Frisoni

dating questionsI recently had a girlfriend ask me for advice. A guy she met through work asked her if she’d meet up with him for dinner at a new restaurant opening in his neighborhood.

There’s just one issue: The guy seems pretty interested but my girlfriend isn’t especially attracted to him. I see two options for her:

  1. She asks if it’s okay if a friend comes along. (kinda smarmy – I know)
  2. She tells him that she’s not on the market right now but that she’d love to hang out and will quiz him a bit because she knows some available hotties that she might be able to hook him up with.

I like the latter best.

What do you think? I told her I’d have awesome advice for her before she sees him on Monday. Will you help?

Thank you!


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How Do You Tell a Guy Who’s Asked You On A Date That You’ll Go, But Only As Friends?


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  2. joles says:

    this post makes me exhausted. I feel accomplished that I just have a wreath on my door.

  3. Z says:

    Both responses are rejections
    Assuming the guy has no interest in friendship.
    His response to either offer should be
    No I was asking YOU out and have no interest
    In that .

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