Practical Tips For Getting Over Your Ex

It’s been a beautiful relationship leaving you with tons of great memories, cozy habits and strong emotional bondage to your partner, but due to whatever reason, it’s over. However harsh it sounds, life moves on, so should you, but it’s easier said than done.

Theoretically, we are all aware that a breakup isn’t the end of the world, though it does sometimes seem so. Emotionally, sometimes it’s really hard to pull yourself and your life back together. Here are some practical tips you should apply to facilitate process of getting over your ex.

Quit the contacts

Ok, you might review the option of staying friends and having some casual beer or coffee one day, but the time being – cut the communication.


You can’t detach yourself from someone you keep spending your time with. This rule applies to messages and virtual communication as well.

Remove and avoid reminders

The truth is that at first, probably every single thing around will remind you or associate you somehow to the ended story.

To prevent stumbling over memories all over the place, pack the stuff and remove them from your everyday environment. Change the playlist and avoid places that bring memories for a while.

Take time to resolve emotions

Do not try to jump into happy new chapter right away. Take time to breathe deeply, to cry, to thing, to sort the files in your head and heart, in order to go through getting over the process in a healthy way, without holding grudges or pushing skeletons into the closet.

Don’t sink into depression

Stayin indoors and rewinding same old pictures and words in your head won’t help at all.


Although it might be challenging and exhausting, try to stay active, to keep up with your duties, maintain moderate social life and engage yourself into some new, inspiring activities.

Careful with social life

It’s important to find a healthy balance between keeping in touch with your trusted friends, who will help you feel better and taking time on your own. Don’t rush into a new relationship and don’t force new acquaintances to avoid emotional noise and pressure.

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