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How To Give Fail-Proof Relationship Advice In 3 Steps

5 Comments 01 December 2009

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by Simon Cole

ListeningStep 1 – Listen
Step 2 – Listen more
Step 3 – Keep listening

At no point in this process should open your mouth to speak. If you have trouble keeping quiet (most of us do) then have some crackers and a nice glass of wine to keep your mouth occupied while you listen.

There are things that come after the listening. But if you really care about the person you’re trying to help –and you really listen to them–you’ll know what to say when the wine is gone and you’ve eaten all the crackers.

It’s that simple. Give it some practice and let me know if it works as well for you as it has for me, won’t you?

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How To Give Fail Proof Relationship Advice In 3 Simple Steps


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