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How To Have Safe Sex

6 Comments 01 October 2009

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Not in the US? Try the YouTube version!

This highly amusing (we thought so, at least) video gives all the advice you need about how to have safe sex.

Most of us learned this information in high school and are regularly bombarded with reminders to “use protection” and practice safe sex. If the information has been spread and we know in our minds how to have safe sex, then why don’t more of us practice it?

  1. Because we make stupid decisions when we really like somebody.
  2. Safe sex isn’t especially fun & kills the notion of┬áspontaneity.
  3. The decision to have sex is often made under the influence of one or more substances.

It would be great to see a video on how to have safe sex without seeming untrusting, boring, and generally unsexy.

I’m off to buy some plastic wrap. I substituted aluminum foil last night and it didn’t go over well… =)

Question: Have you come across any sort of “how to have safe sex” learning tool that is actually engaging and doesn’t resort to death threats to make a point?


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