How To Make A Relationship Stand The Test Of Time

As long as we feel butterflies in the stomach, most downsides of our significant one pass under the radar and the relationship seem like a dream coming true. Then the butterflies calm down and solid routine takes over. Finally, as the love song says, when routine bites hard, emotions often tend to go low and the whole story becomes challenging for both sides.

In this phase, partners turn to various coping mechanisms and many relationships fail to stand to the cruel test of time. For some stories, that’s a definitive end and it turns out to be a good thing for both sides.

However, there are many relationships that didn’t have to die if only both partners knew how to nourish it better. Thus, here are some advice on how to sustain the quality of a long-lasting relationship and make it stronger than all sorts of life challenges.

Learn to discuss, not to quarrel

Ones the other person becomes an integrated part of our everyday life, we are forced to adapt some specific aspects of our lifestyle to the lifestyle of the other one. Also, two people may be in a perfectly steady relationship without agreeing about absolutely every single thing. However, various disagreements often tend to cause fights between partners which often escalate needlessly.

Couple In Love

Thus, the first thing to do is to learn to keep your head calm, to control your impulses and the urge to always be right. Keep in mind that every issue may be resolved, but only if both sides discuss the subject in a calm manner, with a mutual goal – to find the solution that suits both. Avoid rudeness and insults, as well as exaggerations. Avoid holding grudges and pulling out old quarrels from memory. Try understanding the point of view of the other person and be open to compromises.

Honesty and trust above all

Two people intending to spend a significant share of their lives together should be prepared for various tough situations and challenges life itself imposes. This includes financial struggles, emotional traumas, health issues and many more situations in which people may react differently.


In order to keep your microworld intact and strongly bonded through all these storms, you have to always be true to each other. Be honest and open, express yourself to your partner and make him or her your best friend and lover at the same time. After all, honesty is the highest form of respect for the other person and trust will prevent jealousy and suspicions out of your intimate world.

Warm things up

One of the main tricks to make a relationship last is to make it immune to routine and getting worn out. Hence, never take things for granted. Surprise your loved one every once in a while, even with the small gestures.

Experiment together, including the adventurous moments in bed. Travel together occasionally for a big change or spice the routine moments with some new rituals for a small, but crucial change. Evoke the feeling whenever you can and try to grow together.

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