Is It Ok To Tell Her She Looks Fat?

However silly it might sound, most women find the hearing suggestion that she should lose weight almost painful as hearing there’s another woman. Probably because both sentences impact her self-esteem deeply, question the grounds of your feelings for her and basically devalue her qualities in her own perception.

On the other hand, if she really did get some extra pounds, you should be honest and it’s probably the best for her to hear it from someone who truly loves her. Nevertheless, the tactical approach is highly recommended. Here are some tips you might find useful.

Choose the moment carefully

It is important not to just spit it out, but to carefully mention it as a suggestion in and adequate moment. Never tell your girlfriend or wife that she’s fat half an hour before she’s supposed to go out to some important social event.


She’ll probably digest that in her mind and feel embarrassed during the whole event and it will strike harder. Pick some casual situation, with only two of you present around. Never call her fat in front of other people.

Choose the words carefully

Regardless of the number of extra pounds she has actually got, avoid the term “fat” and especially avoid any other phrase that makes the problem sound critical or makes her feel awful.

She probably will exaggerate, so you don’t have to do it too. Mention it casually, using mild calming words, as if it was some minor problem easily solvable that nobody should be upset about.

Prove your emotions

Since women tend to take critics regarding their weight, body and outfit in general too personally, often even tragically.


Make sure to instantly provide support and to assure her that your emotions for her are unconditional and especially not dependent on trivia such as her weight.

Suggest teamwork as a solution

Suggesting various physical activities (making love more frequently included) that you can do together and get fit together will not only come as an entertaining approach to the needlessly serious problem but will assure her that you will not distance yourself due to her current body shape.

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