How To Write An Essay About Love?

Love is an endless inspiration for all sorts of artists and it’s been a topic of songs, books, movies, paints, dramas, even wars (if we should trust history), but no one has managed to resolve its mysteries and define it precisely so far. It’s highly personal experience, although it’s universal phenomena as well.

Therefore, it’s pretty challenging to write about love and to reflect feelings vividly without slipping into clichés and worn out phrases. Here are some useful advice on how to construct an essay about love that will leave the impression among readers.

Determine the target group and goal of the essay

Be clear about the basic nature of the essay you want to write. If you’re aiming at a psychological study about love, you’ll have to gather various scientific facts. If you want to analyze love as the historical or artistic phenomena, do the meticulous research in a library.


However, if you want to simply write a love story, you can use personal experience solely or mixed with other universal observations. If you’re writing to a single person, allow yourself to be highly personal, to evoke intimate memories and to avoid generalizations. If your audience is a large group, try to construct a story in such a manner to send a universal message everyone will attach to.

Scatter ideas down to paper

This process will stimulate your creativity and affect you somewhat as the brainstorming process with your thoughts. Although fluid writing comes when you just let your thoughts flow, you should nevertheless set some basic construction and skeleton of the story.

This is due to the nature of the topic. Writing about emotions and psychology and people’s inner worlds might be slippery terrain and cause your story to disperse too much.

Let the story breath freely

This is the point where you should be stronger than your inner boundaries, self-censoring and fear of exposing emotions. No reader will be affected by the story unless he feels your true emotions in the story. Thus, don’t polish your text and don’t tie your ideas. Unleash the raw material straight on the paper. Review and polish it once you’re done writing.

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