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Presents for a woman

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When you think of presents for a woman, what comes to mind? Jewelry? Makeup? Clothes? YES! All these items would make a woman very happy! But at what cost? These things are very expensive now-a-days and most of the time a woman just wants a simple gift from your heart, something that will make her smile. Something that proves how much love you have for her. So that is why I’ve composed this list of wonderful presents for a women that are sure to please the woman in your life!

  1. Give her your heart (not literally). Make a heart or some sort, put it in a box and give it to her. This makes an excellent gift for your first valentine’s day together. Give it to her all wrapped up and nice in a box, she’ll love it.
  2. Buy her some smell goods. Perfume preferably. Women love perfume. BUT, pick it out together. Sometimes the perfume you like may not be what she likes, picking it out together solves this easily. This way the two of you can find something you both will enjoy smelling. That said, you’ll get huge points for knowing how to pick presents for a woman without her having to go with you and explain exactly what she likes.
  3. It’s a dead giveaway! CHOCOLATE! Women love chocolate, there’s no secret there. Go to a store and pick up her favorite chocolate treats. It is a proven fact that chocolate makes you happy, so she won’t be the only one smiling in the end.
  4. This one isn’t for everyone, but a lot of women love this gift. A puppy or a kitten, it really depends on her preference. Also it depends on if she has a nice house or room for it. Puppies and kittens remind women of their younger days and it gives them something to snuggle with when you aren’t around.
  5. Who wouldn’t love a vacation!? Women love vacations, especially the all expenses paid kind. Don’t spring on a huge expensive trip but take her somewhere nice. A cabin in the woods already stocked with food and a nice hot tub would be fabulous. Tell her to take a weekend off and if she asks what for, just tell her to do it, and then surprise a nice little vacation for her.
  6. Is she yelling a lot? Sad? Give her a spa day! And I’m taking all in spa day. Manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial! She’ll love it and she’ll come home smiling!!
  7. Every girl loves shoes! Flats, heels, and every other kind!! Get a girl shoes and she’ll love you forever. Girls love to show off their feet, because they think it makes them sexier. Let her pick out some shoes and buy them for her!


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