Relationship Advice – How To Handle A Long Distance Relationship

The technology has progressed enough to dominate our lives, even the emotional parts of them. Not only the information travels to the other side of the globe within milliseconds, but even people travel relatively easy and fast. And get to know each other in the online world more and more frequently.

Relationships emerging between two people living in long distance from each other are somewhat common phenomena of the modern lifestyle and impose certain specifics for both partners.

It’s true that we all prefer to have our loved one right by our side, but long-distance relationships truly can be maintained and last as long as it takes for partners to settle at the same place. Here are some tricks on how to make it.

Organize and synchronize your daily schedules

If you have “a date” with your significant one at a given time over Skype, then you need to have all the planned duties completed by that moment, so you could be available on time and able to really relax and enjoy time spent together. Try synchronizing daily schedules, so time set for meeting suits to both of you.

Combine quality time with casual catching ups

Since you can’t spend casual daily moments together, neither plan to do something extraordinary together in person, focus on making your time spent together via communication channels quality and inspiring.


Involve into deep conversations, but still, try not to make it sound like a too official meeting. It can be hard to ignore the awkwardness imposed by technology, but try to feel as if your partner was right beside you simply talking with you.

Throw visitations and keep the goal in mind

Narrowing down and relying on the whole relationship onto technology carries the risk of creating emotional distance and that one is worse than physical distance.

Thus, organize to visit your partner or at least to meet each other halfway and spend some unique time together. All the time, keep the mutual goal in mind to motivate both of you to keep loving and trusting each other and working on a dream.

Don’t neglect your personal life

In order to realize your goals and to maintain yourself as a progressive, successful and fulfilled person, with a rich content to provide to the other person, you should keep up with your duties and your regular social life aside the relationship.

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