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Songs at the early stages of love

2 Comments 16 February 2011

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When the love takes over

This is the part that tends to surprise all but the 15 year-olds who journaled every moment leading up to their discovery of love.

Deciding you’d like to run away with them

This is the really, really warm fuzzy part of the whole love deal!

Missing them like whoa!

Then they’re gone for a few days and you start to realize, not that you’ve abandoned your friends and so have no social life without your darling, but that only that you really, really want them back!

The moment you realize you’re stuck with them.

Not necessarily in a bad way. You just can’t seem to get past them and it’s an ache you realize you’re okay with!

You thought your bad pop habit was over.

You’ve officially lost your mind at this point and you find yourself grooving to songs you’d be ashamed of liking given any other circumstance. Bravo!

You grow up a bit and fun smooths out.

This can actually be quite a lot of fun and may last for quite a few years if you’re one of the few and far between. Lucky!

The next stage is when things start to fall apart. Have a song to recommend? Link to it in a comment!


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