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Dating Advice For Men From Women

Comments Off on Dating Advice For Men From Women 29 January 2012

Here’s some dating advice for men from women who want you to do better! If you are a man that has been having trouble finding a special woman that you would like to end up in a relationship with, then there are things you could be doing wrong. It does not matter if you are going on one date with them or several dates with them you should follow this advice on how you can attract the woman of your dreams and show her how serious you are about dating the right person.

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How Do I Get A Date?

How To Get A Date

How Do I Get A Date?

Comments Off on How Do I Get A Date? 01 October 2011

Image of how do I get a dateI asked my friends, I asked myself, I even asked my parents when I saw them over the holiday just to see what they’d say.

How do I get a date? I was at a low point then and the real problem wasn’t that I couldn’t get a date so much as I was asking how can I get a date when I needed to focus on where the real problem was: with me!

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Date Ideas

First Date Conversation Ideas

Comments Off on First Date Conversation Ideas 30 July 2011

You can find some great first date ideas here.

The success of a first date conversation depends entirely on how comfortable you’re feeling at the time. Two football enthusiasts on a first date together might find it unbelievably awkward to discuss football even though they both love the topic. Why? Because first date conversations are often tough. Here are some ideas and tips to help you walk into your next date with a plan.

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