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Single Mom Dating: When To Tell Him You Have Kids

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Single Mom Dating: When To Tell Him You Have Kids

51 Comments 05 December 2009

By Simon Cole

It was our fourth date when Coleen popped the question. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and confident of her talents. We’d had a lot of fun hanging out and I, classy dude that I am, hadn’t pushed for anything physical… yet.

Coleen just had something about her that said, “don’t touch me quite yet” that I figured was a good idea to respect.

That changed when she slipped from her side of the table in the softly lit corner of the restaurant and scooted into the seat beside me. (Irish pub, booths, yep.)

I thought, “Yes! She’s finally over whatever is bothering her. Snog time!”

Instead, she leaned toward me, paused, and popped the question:

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The Mandate: Beating Bias

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The Mandate: Beating Bias

25 Comments 22 December 2008

Alaina over at MsSingleMama recently allowed me to guest post my thoughts on dating single moms As I contemplated the various biases that can come into play when one mentions dating a single parent, I was reminded of a recent date:

My friend Shayla made me a bet that she could find somebody I’d refuse to date on sight. I took the bet. 

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