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Best Gift Ideas For Women

Comments Off on Best Gift Ideas For Women 09 October 2011

Looking for the best gift ideas for women? This will help! Choosing gift ideas for a woman isn’t just a simple task. Not all women like the same things, so it is important to know what the women in your life like. This knowledge will help assist you in the search for the perfect present. How to choose presents for a woman starts with knowing what she likes, knowing what she wants, knowing her interests and knowing what she doesn’t like.

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Mixed Bag

Presents for a woman

Comments Off on Presents for a woman 29 July 2011

When you think of presents for a woman, what comes to mind? Jewelry? Makeup? Clothes? YES! All these items would make a woman very happy! But at what cost? These things are very expensive now-a-days and most of the time a woman just wants a simple gift from your heart, something that will make her smile.

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5 Things You Only Learn about a Man if You Travel with Him

Dating Advice, For Girls, Mixed Bag

5 Things You Only Learn about a Man if You Travel with Him

14 Comments 06 August 2009

You love the way he smiles, and he might just be the smartest man you’ve ever dated. In your mind you’ve already cast him in the role of Prince Charming in your tale of Happily Ever After. (Insert dreamy music here.)

Not so fast, sister.

Before you start painting your white picket fence, you need to take this relationship on the road. Some character traits only become obvious when you’re away from your regular routine, and you need to know these things before you give him a key to your place, much less your heart.

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