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Mixed Bag, Sex

How To Have Safe Sex

6 Comments 01 October 2009

Not in the US? Try the YouTube version!

This highly amusing (we thought so, at least) video gives all the advice you need about how to have safe sex.

Most of us learned this information in high school and are regularly bombarded with reminders to “use protection” and practice safe sex. If the information has been spread and we know in our minds how to have safe sex, then why don’t more of us practice it?

  1. Because we make stupid decisions when we really like somebody.
  2. Safe sex isn’t especially fun & kills the notion of spontaneity.
  3. The decision to have sex is often made under the influence of one or more substances.

It would be great to see a video on how to have safe sex without seeming untrusting, boring, and generally unsexy.

I’m off to buy some plastic wrap. I substituted aluminum foil last night and it

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Fat Head, Skinny Body: Dating Standards

Dating Advice

Fat Head, Skinny Body: Dating Standards

65 Comments 05 January 2009

Ever wonder how you “measure up” to the standards of your intended love? I used to. 

It was a wildly beautiful July afternoon three summers ago. I was visiting a childhood friend while trying to finish an iced coffee. When you get near the end of an iced coffee, the ice creates an illusion of volume and the last bit of coffee is usually found only by energetic slurping and shaking of the glass.ice-coffee3

I’d known Emma since 4th grade so I had no problem shaking and slurping my iced coffee as she told me about an amazing friend of hers she “just knew” I’d love. 

“She sounds really great! ::sluurrpp:: ::shake:: Let her know I’d love to meet up!” I said. 

I would, but I don’t think you’d measure up. She has really high standards. You’re too chubby.” She replied.

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