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Date A Model With These Tips

Comments Off on Date A Model With These Tips 12 August 2011

If you’ve always wanted to know how to date a model there are many things that you need to know about these unique people and how their profession directly affects their interpersonal relationships with people.

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How To Date A Model

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How To Date A Model

58 Comments 18 March 2009

Seth asked me “Terry, how DO you date a model?” There are two possible questions there — one from the fellow who says he wants to date someone like Tyra, Christie, or Darcie (my girlfriend) or any one of the other supermodels who are out there. The other: “how on earth do you do that?”

Lets dispense with the bad news — this is not “Dr. Simpson’s black book of women in modeling, or his girlfriend’s contact list from her iphone.” Let’s expand the definition of model to anyone from the high school cheerleader to the local news anchor. We are going to assume there is a person out there that you feel you have an interest in – while she may be a physical beauty, you have more in common than just the pretty face (or other parts).

If the latest Madonna song “speaks to you,” and you think you want to have a date with Madonna based on that song — you are about two steps away from being a stalker.

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