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Presents for a woman

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When you think of presents for a woman, what comes to mind? Jewelry? Makeup? Clothes? YES! All these items would make a woman very happy! But at what cost? These things are very expensive now-a-days and most of the time a woman just wants a simple gift from your heart, something that will make her smile.

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Date Ideas

Date ideas in Chicago

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If you are trying to come up with date ideas in Chicago, there are many to choose from. Chicago is a very big city, with lots to do. Going downtown Chicago, alone, will bring many opportunities for a date. One place that you can consider as a start, is the lake front downtown Chicago. The lakefront always makes a good spot for a first date because it allow the both of you to relax and get to know each other. You can sit down by the lake, chill, and talk. It all depends on what you want your first date to consist of.

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The Thanksgiving Date

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The Thanksgiving Date

10 Comments 24 November 2009

rainThe server I met at a nearby Thai restaraunt this past weekend joined me today for some pre-Thanksgiving ingredient shopping. (Guys, food shopping with a beautiful woman will do wonders for your culinary creativity.) In the course of our shopping we fell into conversation about what Thanksgiving actually means to us.

Jenny’s family will be enjoying a meal traditional to her Thai heritage. To her, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate how far her family has come since moving to the US. My Thanksgiving will include the regular Turkey and elderly relatives discussing how we are related to the Plymouth Pilgrims. Though the smells, tastes, and traditions differ greatly, both our families are gathering to share in how grateful we are for what we have.

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