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3 Reasons Not To Buy Her Lingerie

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3 Reasons Not To Buy Her Lingerie

64 Comments 12 January 2009

  1. You don’t understand what you’re dealing with. You wear jeans yourself but you know better than to try buying her a pair. Why ever would you try to pick out something based on a general approximation of size? You shouldn’t.
  2. Your concept of “great idea” lingerie is not hers. Yes, corsets are lovely to look at and do amazing things to proportion…try before you buy, Mr!
  3. You lose the element of surprise. If you’ve already been to the store, seen it in a magazine, or purchased it online, you have an idea of what it looks like.

The Solution?


Buy her a giftcard to a lingerie store she really likes. If you don’t know where she likes to shop but have access to her lingerie, the place that makes the lingerie she wears when she’s dressing is a place she’ll be glad to visit again. If you’d never consider shopping with a woman, reconsider for a lingerie shopping trip. Make sure you’ve already bought that giftcard. Even though it has your money on it, using a gift card feels like its free.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you want to get her some lingerie, give her a gift card a week or two early. She’ll love you for it and I dare say you’ll enjoy what your gift inspires.

Best to you!


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Love Hack: The 7 Days Of Valentine

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Love Hack: The 7 Days Of Valentine

81 Comments 09 January 2009

The following is a playbook that will save you money, improve your relationship, and put things in motion for a rewarding commercial-free holiday: It won’t help you pick up women but it will definitely give you a hand in lifting up your relationship. Let me know how it works for you!


Day 0: Any day before Feb.1st: Make a list with 7 sections, one for each day. Outline how you want to customize each day to make the most of what your situation. What sort of things does she like? Jot down your ideas as you read the playbook. Keep it simple. What matters most is consistent application, not grandiose planning.


Day 1: February 1st: Bring her a gift that seems ridiculous. Something inexpensive and mundane. Like a grapefruit. It’s important that you give her something because mainstream media begins pushing Valentine’s the hardest today. Simply hand her the grapefruit and tell her you’re glad she’s around. She’ll be a little confused. this is good.

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