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The Thanksgiving Date

10 Comments 24 November 2009

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rainThe server I met at a nearby Thai restaraunt this past weekend joined me today for some pre-Thanksgiving ingredient shopping. (Guys, food shopping with a beautiful woman will do wonders for your culinary creativity.) In the course of our shopping we fell into conversation about what Thanksgiving actually means to us.

Jenny’s family will be enjoying a meal traditional to her Thai heritage. To her, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate how far her family has come since moving to the US. My Thanksgiving will include the regular Turkey and elderly relatives discussing how we are related to the Plymouth Pilgrims. Though the smells, tastes, and traditions differ greatly, both our families are gathering to share in how grateful we are for what we have.

As you go about your Thursday this week, whatever it may consist of, please be grateful. Showing genuine appreciation will not only be a delight to those around you, but you’ll find more things to be happy about.

Keep the Thanksgiving gratefulness flowing and you’ll see changes in your romantic relationships as well! A few things to remember:

1. Gratefulness radiates –

your appreciation will reflect in your face and conversations. You know the phrase “best thing since sliced bread?” There is no better prospect for a woman than to feel like you are going to appreciate her fully. When she observes how you treasure the people and things already in your life, she will have proof of how she can expect to be treated. (Don’t tell her she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Consider my usage the last time for that phrase. Ever).

2. Appreciation opens doors –

You know that woman who always makes you smile but you haven’t considered because she doesn’t take fitness as seriously you do? Be smart and ask her out. You might discover more things about her that make the gym issue seem like a little nothing!

3. Thankfulness innovates

As you grow more inclined to appreciate things, you’ll complain less and smile more. You’ll find yourself in situations where everybody else is frowning and you will still have reasons to smile. This will dramatically effect how you come across to other people. Smiling at funerals, however, tends to be taken as a sign that you’ve overdosed on your anti-anxiety meds.

    After our shopping was finished, I dropped Jenny off at her apartment. As I was leaving, she took one of my big hands in both of her little ones. She looked up at me and said “Simon, thank you for making me smile so much. I have thanksgiving for you so very much.” I’ve never heard “Thanksgiving” used like that, but I knew what she meant. It had been a special time of sharing that left me feeling much more ready for the upcoming holiday.

    Don’t take yourself out of the running for new friends and great love by letting ungratefulness sneak up on you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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