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What To Do On A First Date

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Here’s what to do on a first date. A first date can be awkward and boring or it can be the first step toward love and fulfillment. It depends on the people involved and their preparation and goals. On one of my first dates I remember throughout the date the guy kept asking, “How am I doing?” This is something you absolutely should not do. First, because it is annoying and second, because nothing shows insecurity and neediness more than asking for reassurance from someone you do not know well.

What not to do on a first date: Showing insecurity and neediness will have your date withdrawing from you emotionally before getting to know you!

The basic purpose of the first date is to start the process of getting to know each other, and to find out each others compatibility, common interests, desires and goals. However, you will want to accomplish this with as much fun and enjoyment as possible. Going on a first date is like planting a seed and knowing that the seed may die or it may blossom into something beautiful. Are you ready to plant that seed? Here are a few gardening tips:

What to do on a first date:

  1. Be well groomed. Maybe you are not beautiful, but being well groomed is the next best thing to it. People respond positively to both.
  2. Be prepared. Prepare for the first date the same way you would for an audition or an interview. You would not walk into an audition or interview unprepared. The same idea applies to the first date. For example find out your date’s favorite color and favorite foods. Use what you know. A little research can make a big difference in the outcome.
  3. Be interested. Ask probing questions that will yield insightful answers. Ask questions that will provoke thought and get you and your date into a discussions. These types of questions and answers can get the two of you to share and start the process of learning about each other.
  4. Be confident. Nothing is more appealing to the opposite sex than confidence. Add a great smile and you are on your way to that second date!

Add all those together and you’ll not only know what to do on a first date, you might even land a second date without an extra bit of effort. Best of luck!


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