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What to wear on a second date – for women

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With today’s life in the dating world we find that it isn’t like fifty years ago when women knew what to wear on the second date before they ever went out on even the first date. It has been said that fashion has changed so much in the last few years that we have dozens of choices to chose from when finding what to wear.

Men like different things now a days as well. They aren’t just into the long skirts and blouses that cover the woman’s body. They have found that they like a woman to wear things that dare the man to want another date. Even though the older men and women still have issues with wearing revealing clothing on a woman they are slowly getting used to seeing older and younger women in the sexiest outfits they can find.

Finding the perfect outfit to wear means they stop searching and think of what was said the last date. If they like certain colors wear that color just to make them feel special. It is all about being yourself when your picking what to wear as well. If you like certain styles wear them. Just make sure you won’t offend the person you are going on the date with.

Colors and styles are the key to finding the perfect second date outfit. It doesn’t matter the length as long as it looks good and makes you feel great. If you find the right style and color for you then you go out on the date and get a third date then you aren’t doing too bad for yourself.

It isn’t what others think of the cut of your clothes when your out on a date. It is what they think of you as a person. If they think your a great human being and they want to be around you they will want another date with you. If they don’t think highly of you then the second date outfit really won’t matter in the end.

Just remember when your out on a date with someone be yourself. Don’t worry about how you dress as long as you dress like you would for a date any other night. What will matter is what you think of the person and what they think of you. That will be the only way you get the third date.


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