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What To Wear To A Birthday Party

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Wondering what to wear to a birthday party? There is a big birthday bash coming up; even though the closet is full, finding the right outfit can be a challenge. What should a person wear to a child’s 5th birthday, or a best friend’s father’s sixtieth birthday bash, or a boss’s fun loving crazy Aunt’s 90th birthday party?

Relax, just keep it simple.

What to wear to a birthday party for children

The main issue is that kid’s parties can be messy so wear something that is nice and comfortable that you will not mind getting dirty.

For the women: skirts that are not too short or jeans are a good start. For tops: Bright colored shirts or t-shirts. Heels are up to the wearer; but since children’s parties tend to be outdoors, it might be best to wear flats. Not too much jewelry and perhaps forgo the earrings since kids can pull those out. For the men, Dockers or jeans, and a regular t-shirt or flannel patter should work just fine.

What to wear to a birthday party for a 66-year-old

Ladies can wear nice dresses, or slacks, or skirts with coordinating shirts or blouses. No tank tops, or thin strap dresses or short-sleeved tops. For the Men black dress pants and a long sleeved collared shirt, or polo shirt.

The boss Aunt’s 90th party.

For this kind of bash, go all out and dress to impress. For the ladies, nice cocktail dress with sparkles and pretty patterns, with tasteful jewelry and fantastic shoes. For the men, suit and ties, and black dress shoes.

When choosing what to wear to a birthday party try to consider the age, and the family hosting the event. In addition, think about where the party is held, is it going to be outdoors or indoors, will it be public like at a restaurant or private like in a club?


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