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What To Wear To A Club For Women

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Women, wondering what to wear to a club? Ever have the thinking you have nothing to where to go out on a club date? Most women have these thoughts or become over whelmed with picking the “right” outfit. Picking out the right outfit for any women to wear to a club needn’t bee a big deal. Just wear what highlights your best features!

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If you are going to wear trousers make sure they fit properly. They should not be too loose or too tight. The same should go for the top. By wearing clothes that is a size or two too small you make you appear larger than you actually are. Wear something that you do not have to worry about fixing all night. Last think you want to do all night long while dancing in a club is adjusting your clothes.

What to wear to a club for women:

  • Trousers properly fitted
  • Skirts- try to stick to knee length. Having a short skirt does not look good on everyone and you do not want to worry about the skirt scooching up. Pencil skirts have a skimming effect on most women. Try to stick to a neutral color for a bottom, just because you own a pair of red skin pants does not mean you need to wear them to a club.
  • Shirts- find a stylish shirt that you are comfortable in, however; try not to show off the cleavage too much. If your shirt is low-cut consider putting a tank top underneath. Choose a shirt color that goes well with your completion.
  • Shoes- pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable to dance in all night long but still have some style. Avoid sneakers at all costs.
  • Perfume- unless you know what scent your date loves avoids using strong smelling perfumes. It could be off putting to your date. Some people even have adverse reactions to certain smells. Instead of a perfume consider a body scent instead.
  • Accessories- do not overdue accessories. Wear a simple pair of earrings that you’re comfortable with. Avoid rings in clubs because rings can easily slip off while on the dance floor. Bring a small purse with you to bring the essentials, such as to touch up make-up, tampons (if needed), money, and ID card. You do not want to overload the bag and have to carry it around all night.
  • Jackets- bring a jacket to throw on after leaving the club. Generally the night air is cold, especially after dancing and getting hot and sweaty. So, pick a nice neutral color jacket to bring with you.


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  1. themodernfemme says:

    Good post! Looking good at a club is important if you are trying to attract willing suitors!

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