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What To Wear To A Country Club

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Wondering what to wear to a country club? If you are a member of a golf and country club, making sure that you are properly dressed when you visit the club, is something that has to be considered by members, in order to gain access to the club. Many clubs do have a dress code in place, which requires a certain attire, so that the country club can maintain the status and the prestige which it holds in the community. So, if you are a member, or are looking to join a country club, there are a few things that have to be considered when choosing the proper outfit.

If you are just going in for a lunch time meal, or even dinner when there is not a special event going on, you can consider something casual. For women, either a skirt and nice top, a casual dress, or even a nice pair of slacks with a shirt and blazer. For men, if it is lunch time a pair of khakis and a polo, or for dinner a pair of khakis and a button down shirt with tie, is a great choice to wear. For the everyday lunch or dinner, casual is okay, as long as it is tidy. Tidiness is everything when figuring out what to wear to a country club!

If there is a special function, ball, dinner, or dance taking place, members are going to have to dress for the occassion, which is usually black tie. So, for women, a long formal dress, with heels is generally going to be the expected attire. And, for men, it will be either a suit, or a pair of slacks with a formal matching blazer and tie. During these events, the club is looking to maintain a more formal, rather than casual look, so for this reason, country club members are going to be expected to also change the attire, to match the event being held.


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