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What To Wear To A Funeral

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What should you wear to a funeral? Most people have plenty of clothing in their closet, but when they have to attend a funeral, they have a hard time deciding what to wear. Often they go out and by something special to wear and then that outfit always remind them of the difficult day.

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It is possible to choose something from their own closet and be appropriately dresses. Black is no longer necessary in the Western world, but there are some rules of etiquette that should be followed. sometimes the family will have a request about what they would like guests to wear so make sure and ask what type of clothing is going to be appropriate. If you’re not sure what to wear to a funeral, check out these tips:

What men should wear to a funeral:

Men should wear something dressy and a white shirt and dark tie always looks nice. A dark suit with a turtle neck shirt can also be appropriate if the weather permits. A dressy dark t-shirt could work on a very warm day especially if the funeral will be outside.

What children should wear to a funeral: 

Children should be dressed in appropriate clothing also and little boys should follow the lead of the father. If possible a dark suit is a great options and girls should have a simple dress that flows nicely from the shoulders. Black shoes and socks can finish the look.

What colors to wear to a funeral: 

It is not necessary to wear all black or even any black but simple dark colors signal that there is a grieving process going on. Never wear bright spring colors if possible, even if the funeral is in the summer and it is very hot out.

What women should wear to a funeral: 

It is not the time to show a lot of cleavage or portray a sexy look. That should be saved for another time. Always try to dress very conservatively and a simple dress with a jacket might be the exact option for the funeral.

What shoes to wear to a funeral:

Flip flops never are a good idea and any other shoes that looks very casual should be left at home. A good rule to follow is, the outfit should look appropriate for a job interview. Choosing something that is appropriate for church use to an easy rule to follow, but now many people dress very casual for church and the clothing would not be appropriate for a funeral.

No one usually plans ahead for a funeral and the clothing is often last minute, but with a little ingenuity and careful planning it should be possible to find something to wear from most people’s closets. The bottom line is that the clothing someone wears should be respectful to the family of the person who has passed. It is not about fashion, it is about a time to grieve and celebrate a life. So choose carefully and remember respect is what it is all about.


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