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What To Wear To Clubs

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If you’re wondering what to wear to clubs there’s a good chance this might be your first time or you’re just looking for clubwear ideas. That’s cool and I should be able to give you some good tips on how to make your personal sense of style come through tonight.

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First, if you’re new to the clubbing scene and clubwear isn’t your thing, keep these things in mind:

  1. On Style. Your style should reflect your personality, not something you saw in a magazine or on the person your high school crush went to the dance with.
  2. On Color. Colors are for far away, textures and scents are for up close. This is a big concept in that it should lead you to dress in an engaging way without ruining the effect.
  3. On Scent. If we can smell you from 5 feet away, you’re wearing too much scent. Get a few spritzes into the air then walk through the cloud once you’re dressed. The scent will stick to you without being overwhelming that way.
  4. On Sweat. Be prepared to perspire. Most people don’t know what to wear to clubs and when they pick out something it often shows any bit of sweat under the bright club lights. That baby blue cotton shirt you love will soak through after only a few dances and the silk salmon top you love will make you look like a sweaty mess in no time. Go for very dark or very light colors unless you’re sure you’ll never sweat a drop!
  5. On black. If you’re going to wear black, especially on top, make sure your hair is very, very clean. Most clubs have blacklights of some sort because they’re fun but they also make any bits of dry skin show up and look like hell. I’m not saying you’re rocking a horrible case of dandruff. But you might have a bit of dry scalp going on and that won’t fly in a dark club on a dark top under the lights. Go with dark bottoms and light tops if you’re prone to flakes.
  6. On Shoes. Wear shoes that make you feel sexy but don’t kill yourself. For guys, this means your normal dark shoes. Depending on the club, you might be able to rock some black sneakers. For ladies, oh, whatever, go crazy with the hot bondage heels and pack some flats in your purse for the walk home.
  7. On Layers. Depending on where the club is that you’re figuring out what to wear to, it may be smart to dress in layers. Bring a jacket along so you don’t freeze when you go from the warmth of the club to the cold of the late night air.
Clubbing can be a ton of fun and there’s no reason to let a lack of clubwear get you down. Stick with your personal sense of style, have a few moves ready for the dance floor, and don’t forget that you’re a catch. Act like one! =)


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