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What To Wear To Work

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Wondering what to wear to work? Want to attract attention from coworkers? Fashions worn reflect who you are. Whether you are a male or female trying to attract your coworkers, wear fashions that will get you the compliments and a second glance. Dress to show style. Always look your best. The clothing you wear can attract others to you. The following hints will give some points regarding the type of clothing, colors, accessories, shoes, or dress styles that can attract coworkers.More reading: What to wear to the club.

What to wear to work:

* Be well coordinated, and let your clothing suit the occasion. Remain within the dress code of your office. Dress attire that is well coordinated in any setting will get you noticed.

* Wear the styles of clothing that accentuates your body. Be clean and crisp in what you wear. Your coworker will be attracted to an appearance that is well-kept.

* Show respect in how you dress. When the clothing you wear let others know you mean business, they notice you and are attracted toward you.

* Wear colors which influence how you look. Women love the color blue on men. Men are attracted to the color red on women.

* Show up at work in clothing that are pressed and not wrinkled. Always maintain a sharp appearance.
If you and your coworkers are sharing a casual evening, “Bare” a little skin. Don’t “Over-Bare”. Let
your fashion show a little of your legs and arms. Be sexy without looking like a slut.

* Let your confidence dictate your dress. When you are confident there is a difference in your appearance. Others will observe.

* You are in a new age, and the clothing you wear should reflect contemporary style of dress. Do not dress in a period costume. If you act and look the wrong way, your coworkers will judge you.

* Let your fashion dictate your personality. Know your body well! Your figure is a factor that determine your style. Wear a size 14 if you a size 14 figure. Your coworkers will see you when you work toward your personal style, and not your favorite movie star’s style. You are unique and you are beautiful.

* Your shoes should compliment your outfit. Wear shoes that fit. Let them be comfortable and attractive. Coordinate them with the dress style and colors that you are wearing. Coworkers will notice your feet.

* Your accessories should compliment what you are wearing. Do not go overboard with a ring on each finger. Stay away from gaudy. Be simple with the jewelry that you wear. Your coworker will take inventory. Present the appearance that you are in charge.


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