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When To Say I Love You

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Wondering when to say I love you? I love you are three important words to be said to another person. If you are wondering when to say I love you to someone, it depends on who they are and how long they have been in your life. Who do you want to say I love you to? Is this someone you just started a relationship with or someone you’ve been with for awhile? Is this your first I love you to this person, or have you been with them awhile and are just wondering what the best times to tell them how you feel are? Throwing the words around to too many people or too often just give them less meaning.

Say I love you the first time when you truly know you love the person. Those three words are something you just can’t take back after they have been said.

Don’t say I love you to a boyfriend/girlfriend until you are old enough to know what love is. Teenage love is usually just puppy love, and is fleeting. If you want to get into somebody’s pants, say something along those lines (don’t be crazy, haha!) because it’s probably not quite when to say I love you.

Don’t say I love you just to get someone to sleep with you, or just because someone slept with you. They won’t know if you really mean it or not.

Say it to your children and your parents as often as you can. Say I love you when someone leaves, when they go to bed and whenever possible.

Say it to your significant other, if the words have already been shared, often. Make sure they know how much they mean to you and enjoy every minute of your time together.

Don’t just say I love you to the people you love, show them your love too!


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